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Want to level your new Draenei as efficiently as possible? Of course you do, otherwise you're just wasting time!

Don't run around Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isle reading quests, searching for mobs, skimming thottbot or asking for help in general chat. Don't be a noob, use my 1-20 leveling guide to leave Exodar laughing in just 10 hours of playtime.

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This is a must have guide for people rolling a new Draenei. Don't frustrate yourself with the new content, practically skip it.

Here is what the actual guide looks like:

Each map is loaded with annotations and matched with specific instructions. Each segment will guide you through 1-2 levels providing which quests to do, where to do them and in what order.

Here is what is included in this guide:

This is the ultimate leveling guide for a Draenei of any class. It will provide you the most effective route making levels 1-20 a breeze. This is great for players who want to quickly level a twink from 1-19 and for players who want to reach level 70 in an optimal amount of time. This guide is a result of a great deal of effort with the intention of maximizing your playing experience through both effeciency and absolute domination in World of Warcraft.

When you purchase this guide you will immediately  receive a login and password (via e-mail) for instant access anytime you want to use it. You will also have access to all updates to this 1-20 leveling guide.

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